Sunday, March 24, 2013

Apatite Bling!

These apatite pendants were ordered from England and they were larger than I expected.  As a result, they had to be on necklace ribbon cords, because the satin necklace cords I have are way too thin for these bling bling pendants.  

Both are a clear apatite stone and I assume they are synthetic.  They are still pretty anyway.  I am using the pendant ready pendant cords in blue and black.

One looked better with the blue ribbon necklace cord and the other apatite pendant looks more vintage, so I used the black ribbon necklace cord with the other one. 

As I have mentioned before, apatite aids in weight loss by raising the metabolism and curbing the apatite.  Yellow apatite apparently helps reduce cellulite.  Blue is the color of the throat chakra which represents peace, clarity, expression and truth.  It is in the thyroid area which explains why this stone represents weight control.  Also,  Haxworth explains that  "Apatite expands knowledge and truth easing sorrow, apathy and anger."   She goes on to explain that it helps the body absorb calcium, healing bones and rebuilding new cells! (Food for thought!  I learned something today!  All the more reason why I like this gemstone.!)  


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