Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Toy Run and KRE-O Score!


So it finally happened.  Not that I haven't seen these sets at Toys R' Us, but saw them at the TJ Maxx near my house.  That store is usually crowded and demolished.  We never find anything there.   I was just planning on doing my weekly Michael's shopping to get more sterling silver findings and I decided just to pop in to the TJ Maxx nearby.  It was my lucky day!  I found KRE-O sets and one in particular, included the Wheeljack Kreon!  YAY!!!  They also had a bunch of Bot Shots and Prime Figures that we already had that I decided to pass on. 

The price was nice too, because I found it at a closeout store!  It comes with a Knock Out Kreon too!

The Rachet sets and the Bumblebee set are nice bonus finds!  Bumblebee Kreons sell pretty well! I love this Rachet set!  We bought it before, but ended up parting out some of the parts and using the parts to build other things.  It wouldn't hurt to have an extra Rachet Kreon.


The best toy runs are always the ones where you don't expect to find anything and you only need to visit one store to find a bunch of awesome things!  I guess I'll be doing more running around over the weekend now that I know these toys are popping up at TJ Maxx and Marshall's locations.  

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