Sunday, March 10, 2013

Earrings of the day! 3.10.13

Here is the second pair of earrings I worked on today for my friend Donna.  Amethyst stones are known to stand for clarity and insight.  It's a wisdom stone that calms the spirit.  Not to mention a gorgeous color!

I wanted to add Fluorite beads to accent the earring.   The square beads almost look like they could be amethysts!  From what I know about Fluorite, it is great to repel negative energy and I think everyone needs that!  Fluorite also comes in Yellow and some of the stones have a greenish tint along with the violet tone! 

Since the Fluorite bead was the largest, I placed it at the bottom.  Then added the amethyst chipped beads. 

The beads are sized in different shapes, so I thought it was a good idea to add a spacer bead to the top.

Hematite beads make excellent spacers on any piece of jewelry.  Hematite is great for circulation and is a great stone for everyone to wear.  It's a grounding stone.  Very delicate and can break easily, it circulates blood and energy throughout the body. 

Of course I used Sterling Silver fishhooks and findings with this pair and it compliments the stones nicely!

Donna says she's been wearing lots of purple and she just had a gorgeous baby boy!  I think mommy needs a little love too!  I hope she likes them!

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