Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pendants of the day!

It was a day for pendants and after a long day, I needed something simple to work on.  Michael's has many pendants with findings already attached, but they usually always need to be tightened.  All of the pendants I used tonight were attached with the silver plated findings already and just needed a necklace or cord.

My satin cords and braided cords have different shaped clasps which can affect which one is used for a particular pendant.

  The pendant with a large opening at the top gets a ribbon or satin cord and the ones with smaller openings get the thinner braided or leather cords.   Braided and leather necklace cords tend to have flatter or smaller clasps attached to the necklace extender.  The braided cords have clasps and extenders that tend to be tighter too!

I had a few different colored Jasper pendants to work with.  One was a leopard jasper that was chipped at the bottom.  I have a few leopard jasper chips left to make matching earrings with this.

Another was a periwinkle colored fancy jasper.  This could be another gemstone and I plan on researching this in the future, but the packaging claimed it was jasper.  I have heard of jasper coming in a rainbow ray of colors. 

This last of the jasper pendants was an amber fancy jasper with some scratches and some life lived to it from the appearance of it.  It looks smooth from a distance, but there are some creases on both sides of the pendant.  

The last pendant was a green grassy stone.  This is a nice dark mossy green that is speckled and spotty.  

Jasper is an energy stone and wearing this helps ground the emotions! 

I like the diamond shape of the leopard jasper pendant.

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