Monday, March 18, 2013

2 Pairs of earrings for today!

It was a two pairs day!  I wanted to use more blue beads in my earrings and make them both with sterling silver findings.  I have some blue Lapis Lazuli chipped beads and other gemstones, but I find myself using more pinks in my pieces.  People like blue, because it seems it matches more outfits and you can blue earrings with jeans.

For the first pair I made tonight, I used Lapis Lazuli chipped beads and two sodalite round beads.  I wanted to put the round beads at the bottom because of the thickness of the bead compared to the chipped beads. 

The result.......

Now for the second pair, I wanted a splash of pale blue, so I used my tiny blue apatite beads with rose quartz. 

I realized that the rose quartz bead was too large to add a second one so I had to make a small change. 

Well, that didn't work, so I decided to make a change and place another small apatite bead at the bottom.

There was just enough space for a hematite spacer bead at the top!

It seems to work.....

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